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Equipment List

Sony FS7

Shape Shoulder Mount

2x Go Pro Hero 7 Black

7x BP-U100 Batteries

4x 128 GB XQD Cards

Odyssey 7Q+ 

Ninja V 

4x 250 GB SSD

18-35mm Sigma Art Lens f 1.8

24-70mm Sigma Art Lens f 2.8

28-135mm Sony Zoom f 4

Wooden Camera PL to E mount

2x Sigma E to EF mount

Metabones Speedbooster E to EF mount 

Mini DMG Lumiere LED

Source Four

Hive Wasp 100-C

3x Lowel 150w LED 5600

Rice Paper Lanterns

Edison Shape LED Bulbs

5 Grip Stands

4 Cardellinis

2 Mafers

Quaker Clamp

2x 4x4 Bead Board

2x4 Bead Board

3x3 Floppy

8x8 Unbleached Mus

8x8 Bleached Mus

8x8 1/4 Straw

Assorted Fabrics

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